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How to Hire Keynote Speakers

Hiring keynote speakers for your event can be beneficial. These experts would explain certain points relevant to your company’s needs and goals. They are given a theme or topic, and it is their job to play around with the idea to come up with a moving speech. Whether it’s an authority on business or education, or a person who wants to share his success story, it is best to know the lowdown on hiring keynote speakers.


1. Determine the kind of speaker appropriate for your event. They come in several types: inspirational speakers, motivational speakers, marketing speakers, trend experts, and corporate speakers. Knowing which type you need for your conference eliminates hassles.

2. Identify the reasons for hiring keynote speakers. Do you want to educate the audience? Do you want them to learn from the speaker’s experience? Do you want to motivate your team? Or is it to initiate changes in behavior? Would you want to promote a cause? Whatever the reason is, these questions would help you determine the right speaker for the job.

3. Try searching the Net for sought-after keynote speakers. There are websites that have short bio notes and information on fees to help you decide whom to hire. You may also ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations. Think about your audience as well. Hire someone whom they would be excited to listen to. If they are not familiar with the
speaker, at least give a topic that’s relevant for them.

4. Before hiring the speaker, clarify the date, venue, and the budget for the event. When you do determine your budget, hire someone you can really afford. You don’t want to shortchange your audience.

5. Be clear with the speaker about the outcomes of the presentation. Most of the time, organizers give a limit to the length of time for the speech.

6. When you choose your speaker, avoid those who have the reputation for being late, disorganized, clumsy, or egocentric. Also, the cheapest rate may not equate to quality speech. Invest on your speaker. Some speakers, especially if you’re friends with them,  will provide a pro bono service. Other speakers require travel fees, while there are those who would really charge much because of their popularity (as in the case of celebrity speakers).

7. Settle problems in schedule days before the event. Although cancellations may be inevitable, you must have a backup plan to cover this. It’s better to replace a speaker than to cancel the entire event. The organizers should really start early. Proper planning may even help you determine whether you really need to hire keynote speakers.

8. Be ready to ditch some of your expectations. For instance, some speakers work best without any slides because they use their own voice and actions to drive home the message. As an organizer, you must be quick to spot someone who is just bailing out from preparations.

9. Choose a speaker who can deliver messages with energy, passion, and enthusiasm. You don’t want a boring talk, do you?

10. Be ready to hire someone else if you see that the speaker you have in mind does not share the institution’s ideals. If there is no rapport between you and the speaker, how can you expect rapport to be built between him and the audience?

11. Lastly, root for speakers who are willing to go the extra mile. These are people who would not be speaking before an audience solely for the money, but it’s because they really want to share what they know.

As long as you follow these tips in hiring a good speaker, rest assured that your event will start in the most engaging way.

Guidelines In Buying Neck Lanyards For Companies And Organizations

Neck lanyards are not created equal. Aside from the material, imprinting method, and hardware used, there are also other factors that need to be considered before placing your order.

Here is a quick guide to help you with the process.
Quantity of the Order

Just like any merchandise, lanyards cost lower if ordered in bulk. This is why you need to determine the quantity (be accurate as possible) before finding a supplier. Most suppliers can’t give you a quote if you don’t give them a quantity. It is recommended to order more than the current headcount in case the organization gains a new member or there will be cases of lost, missing, or broken lanyards. As much as possible you want to avoid placing very small order in the future to cater the mentioned scenarios because it will cost a lot more.


Neck LanyardsDetermine how much the organization is willing to spend on neck lanyards. If you have a very low budget that all you can get are hot-stamped lanyards, which are only appropriate for short-term use, but the organization is looking to use these lanyards five times a week, propose a higher budget to the management accordingly. Highlight the pros and cons of the different types of lanyards. Initially, it might seem that you are spending more, but you can actually save a lot in the long run if you consider quality as your top priority. Just as long as they are within the average price range, do not try to haggle with suppliers as this can affect the quality of the finished products.


You probably already have an organization logo or design that you want to use for your lanyards. However, if you still don’t have any, ask prospective suppliers if they can provide free graphic design services for you. Most of the times, especially if you are ordering in bulk, they offer this service for free.

Do not try to save on costs by designing the text or logo yourself, especially if you lack the skill and the experience. Remember neck lanyards play a role in promoting the organization and establishing its identity, so you must be sure that your design is professionally made. Also, make sure the design and color combination is approved by management before proceeding to the next step.


To have a good idea of the quality of lanyards the supplier is capable of producing, ask for samples. In fact, most suppliers, with the exemption of online retailers as they only provide pictures, give you a sample of their products. Be cautious when you are looking to get services from an online supplier. Be sure they are not bogus by reading reviews and see if they have a number you can call. Never ever get the service of a supplier that only transacts through non-voice methods.


There are tons of options to choose from when selecting neck lanyards. This can be overwhelming if decided only by one person as not everyone, or at least the majority, would be happy with his choice. To address this issue, create a survey among organization members. Most of them have worked in other companies or are members of different organizations that may have used different types of lanyards, so they can definitely help you decide which is the best option.

The survey should include, but is not limited to, the length of the lanyards and the hardware used (e.g. split rings, quick-release, bulldog clips, J-hooks, size adjuster). Some may not be familiar of these things so briefly highlight their pros and cons. Other may know what they are but don’t know how they are called, so it’s also better to provide pictures on the survey.

Although you can also include which fabric should your neck lanyards be made of, this factor is highly dependent on your budget and printing method.