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The Functions of Lanyards

Lanyards are among the few popular items that have a rich history. They’re not just your ordinary ID holder or fashion accessory, lanyards have many uses. Lanyards help the military secure their small weapons. Sailors hold their knives and whistles with such cords while climbing the ship’s rigging. Businessmen even market their new products using these laces!

Military Functions

LanyardsMilitary found lanyards to be excellent holders. They used them in holding pistols and small weapons or artilleries. This started in France during the 15th Century. The British and American forces used lanyards for the same purpose during World War II. Up to this day, lanyards are still useful to the military, although they’ve become ornaments to their clothing. Specifically, lanyards are used to indicate the rank of the soldiers. From being a simple rope, lanyards became braided and gained more colors and patterns.

For Safe Climbing

Lanyards are also used by people who are fond of mountain climbing and rodeos. The specific type of lanyards being used by these people are called lineman lanyards.

Lineman lanyards are made of a strong fabric. They have to really be strong so that the rope won’t break or collapse while the user climbs up. They have buckles that make them adjustable. Their main purpose is to prevent the user from falling.

In Arts and Crafts

The process of creating lanyards is called scoubidou or boondoggle. Usually, this is done by children who go to summer camps. Teachers teach these young ones to weave lanyards and tie knots in a systematic way. Some of the knots are Chinese knot, box knot, triangle knot, and butterfly knot.

Actually, anyone may try making lanyards using scrap pieces of ropes, cords, or yarns, as these were the materials used in making the first lanyard.

Corporate Functions

Nowadays, lanyards are greatly used by companies mainly for advertising purposes. The companies usually give them away during marketing campaigns. Their names and products are printed on the lanyards. Sometimes, they also include their contact information.

Commonly, they opt for flat polyester lanyards or nylon lanyards as these are inexpensive yet durable.

Lanyards are also used by the employees of these companies to hold their identification badges or access passes.

As Souvenirs

During events such as trade fairs, conventions, and concerts, the promoters usually sell or give away all sorts of merchandise, with lanyards being the most common those. You may cherish an unforgettable moment whenever you wear your souvenir lanyard.

These lanyards are typically made of braided fabric. They have a clip attachment that holds name badges. Usually, the lanyards also consist of a plastic pouch containing business cards, pens, or key chains.

Electronic Devices Holders

This is among the most common uses of lanyards. You may use the cords to hold and secure your electronic devices such as digital cameras, cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, and USB flash drives.

Some of these devices have a through-hole built on the corner side of their cases where you can attach the loop thread of the lanyards.

Additionally, some earphones incorporate the sound signals into the lanyards. The lanyards double also act as headphone cords. Wii Remote wrist straps can be considered lanyards since they keep the device secured and attached to the wearer’s arm.

Identification Badge Holder

Finally, lanyards are used to carry identification badges for students, employees, personnel, and members of certain organizations. Lanyards, compared to identification card clips, are more secure and convenient. They are also beneficial to security guards as it is easier for them to locate IDs attached to lanyards.

Simply put, it should now be obvious that lanyards are widely used in schools, hospitals, police stations, prisons, factories, offices, and commercial enterprises.

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Lanyards are greatly used by companies mainly for advertising purposes. Their names and products are printed on the lanyards.flat polyester lanyards or nylon lanyards as these are inexpensive

Printed Circuit Boards: Making The Lives of People Easier

The most common part of an electronic device that you don’t get to see everyday is the printed circuit boards. These are used to connect the components of a device together without the use of any unnecessary wires. The component will be attached to a board made out of a semiconductor material that will have an electronic circuit etched onto it, allowing a connection to everything that is connected to it. The patterns on the circuit boards are set so that the components that it needs to talk will only be connected to those that it needs to talk to. These pieces of hardware can also be called “printed wiring boards” or “printed wiring cards.”

Printed circuit boards have a lot of parts that, when assembled together, would look like they are just one solid unit. In order to make a circuit board, choosing the material for it is the first step. The material that must be used should either be a semiconductor, or an item that is completely insulated against electricity. The most common material used is fiberglass, which is lightweight but durable and is inexpensive to produce.

PCBComputer-aided design programs are used by designers to produce the patterns for the circuit board. These patterns will then be “printed,” or etched onto the printed circuit boards that will be made. The design program used by the designer will help in getting a preview to be produced so that the circuits to be printed will not overlap with any other components which will be added to the board. This is very helpful if the design that needs to be done is with a multilayer circuit board. Get more about printed circuit board from Pcbnet. The holes that need to be punctured into the board are also laid out during this phase.

The material used as the conductor for printed circuit boards is usually copper. When the circuit boards were still being developed, copper foils were pasted at the bottom of a board to produce the path for the circuit. The components will then be riveted into place afterwards. With the modern circuit boards, the copper is etched into the board so that the design will not fade away or get disrupted when it is finally being used.

Depending on the component that will be installed into the circuit board, there are different means to connect them. Plated through holes are used when the components would be fit into holes that were readily set into the circuit board. After the component is set, they would either be riveted or screwed in place. For a better contact between the circuit and the component, soldering the components was then introduced. The plated through holes would then have a copper ring around it to also ensure a good connection with the component that will be installed in it.

When placing an electronic component into printed circuit boards, there are also different ways to connect them. With the Through-Mount technology, holes will be drilled into the circuit board and are marked with an annular ring. The electric component will then be placed through the hole and is soldered in place. This is the most common means of adding a component to a circuit board. Surface Mount Technology is when the component is “stamped” directly onto the circuit board. Soldering will not be needed with this method and this is commonly used for small components like resistors.

With the production of the circuit board, this allows a cost-efficient and faster means of making the electronic devices that we all use every day. This also allows a great possibility for some to create even more compact devices and a faster response when it comes to its functions.

Printed circuit boards are ready and able to produce the finest quality products that our customers have come to expect.