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A Look Into The World Of Patches

“Patching things up, is a part of life.” Indeed, patches go way back, a time of history where people first discovered the value of clothing, to the time of the early humans. They served a great part of the fashion history because they were used extensively for covering up holes in clothing, as part of uniforms, as part of armors and even as part of patch collecting. To further give view of the significance of these products we should first look into their different types.

Our site provides patches of different types.

The first type of patch is an embroidered patch.

Embroidery is an art form that makes use of a person’s stitching skills and creativity. A needle and a thread are used to stitch a design into a piece of fabric to create an embroidered patch. These are usually sewn on articles of clothing such as shirts or uniform tops. They are popularly used in uniform making because they can be used to denote a company, government sector, sports team, rankings such as military rankings and clubs. They have also been used throughout the course of history as a way of showing family emblems on clothing just like how they were used in monarchy.

Iron On Patches

They provide a sophisticated way of embellishing a piece of clothing and showing of specialized designs and logos on clothing. Before the dawn of technology, this type of patch was manually hand crafted by sewing and the artisan usually opted for elegant designs and used colors reflective of those designs such as gold. Different types of stitches were used to sew on the design on the fabric in order to create various patterns. Thus, if our clients opt for more classic designs for their patch, embroidered patches are the best choice.

The second type of patch is the iron on patch.

These are applied on an article of clothing by using a flat iron. These are usually used mainly to design articles of clothing as they are not practical for covering up the damaged part of clothing. Denim or cotton fabrics provide the best surfaces because they adhere better to these surfaces and because these types of fabric can usually withstand the heat needed to iron on the patch to the surface of the fabric. The iron on patch usually comes in designs that come in different shapes and sizes and their edges are free from sewing thus they look polished and neat on fabric. The use of these is a fun and easy way of blending a design into an article of clothing without the fuss of using a needle and a thread.

The last type of patch featured on our site is the customizable patches.

These make use of embroidered or iron on patch wherein one can decide what design he or she wants for the patch. Quotes, words, and phrases can be included to the design of the patch and various font styles and sizes can be used. This type of patch is popular nowadays because it provides people the chance to express their creativity because they get to design their own customizable patch. It’s also one of the key features of our site that makes our products appealing to clients because they themselves are the ones who would make their dream designs a reality.

Not only is it a fun medium for self-expression, but the resulting products can also go beyond the scope of fashion because they can also serve as collectible items for patch collectors. They could also cater individual interest because one can mix and match his or her different interest for instance one can mix and match the logo design of one sports team with another to come up with new designs. This way, they can show their individual interest on the design of the patches styles.

All of these are just an overview of the possibilities patches can provide when it comes to designing clothing and we hope the types included in our site may cater to those possibilities.

Promote Advocacy by Using Silicone Bracelets

As time goes on, we witness an increasing number of people wearing multi-colored wristbands. These wristbands were previously just ordinary accessories but now silicone bracelets are used for a deeper and more meaningful reason.

We have seen many groups and organizations try to encourage social awareness among different sectors of the society through different means. In order to gain more supporters, organizations try to create a social movement to disseminate their cause or advocacy campaign.

The social media is one of the most commonly used means of disseminating a movement and information to a large group of population. However, organizations also use other forms of advertisement to promote their advocacy.

Apart from social media, organizations are also now using silicone bracelets to spread the message that they want to convey to the society. After seeing the impact of wearing something uniform that signifies a certain cause, different organizations had found another way of creating an illusion of movement or unity among their supporters.

It all started from wearing the same colour of wristbands which then it ultimately led to a craze. Then people started adding prints, designs and messages on the wristbands.

The orders we are getting for new or additional wristbands from various organizations only prove that the wristbands are helping these groups accomplish what they stand for and represent.

We have come up with a list of possible reasons that silicone bracelets have been a great tool for promoting different advocacy campaigns.


Silicone BraceletsThe bracelets are an inexpensive form of advertisement to convey awareness that an organization stands for. They are an effective representation of the principles of the group.

The bracelets can be printed with the message that the group stands for. It does not cause that much to spread the word. Any organization can place an order for a 100 pieces of bracelets and in return, they could bring awareness to at least 1000 people.

The fact that the bracelet can be worn as an accessory makes it easy very handy. Supporters can wear them anytime they want and wherever they go. The more people are seeing them, the more chances of gaining new supporters for the cause.

Since the bracelets are made of silicone or rubber, they are long lasting which means that they do not have to be replaced often.

Source of Fund for the Organization

Other organizations are able to fund their cause by selling silicone bracelets. This is not only a good way of spreading what the group represents but also a legit way of gaining financial support.

Several organizations that need funding for some of their projects get financial aid from their supporters by selling bracelets. offer bracelets with very reasonable rate. The proceeds of the sale go directly to the project that they need to fund.

An example of these would be organizations that provide medical assistance to people who are in remote areas or cancer patients.


The wristbands can easily capture attention of many people. One reason for that is that when a person’s hand moves people are automatically drawn to the movement. When others see a colourful bracelet on a wrist, it is impossible for others to ignore it. This alone arises the curiosity of the other people.

The wristbands are also very versatile which means that anyone can wear them regardless of age, gender or race. They can come in different colours. An organization can also use a colour that represents the colour of their group or they can use different colours to appeal to wider population.

When it comes to the design, a silicone bracelet can printed, embossed or debussed. Debussed is the opposite of embossed. A debussed bracelet has an indented design by pressing on the area of the design. On the other hand, an embossed design is a raised design.

When it comes to promoting an advocacy campaign, the silicone bracelets can do the talking for any organization. They are a good bearer of any organizations principles and ideals. They might just be a tiny piece of rubber but they can represent a meaningful cause.

The Functions of Lanyards

Lanyards are among the few popular items that have a rich history. They’re not just your ordinary ID holder or fashion accessory, lanyards have many uses. Lanyards help the military secure their small weapons. Sailors hold their knives and whistles with such cords while climbing the ship’s rigging. Businessmen even market their new products using these laces!

Military Functions

LanyardsMilitary found lanyards to be excellent holders. They used them in holding pistols and small weapons or artilleries. This started in France during the 15th Century. The British and American forces used lanyards for the same purpose during World War II. Up to this day, lanyards are still useful to the military, although they’ve become ornaments to their clothing. Specifically, lanyards are used to indicate the rank of the soldiers. From being a simple rope, lanyards became braided and gained more colors and patterns.

For Safe Climbing

Lanyards are also used by people who are fond of mountain climbing and rodeos. The specific type of lanyards being used by these people are called lineman lanyards.

Lineman lanyards are made of a strong fabric. They have to really be strong so that the rope won’t break or collapse while the user climbs up. They have buckles that make them adjustable. Their main purpose is to prevent the user from falling.

In Arts and Crafts

The process of creating lanyards is called scoubidou or boondoggle. Usually, this is done by children who go to summer camps. Teachers teach these young ones to weave lanyards and tie knots in a systematic way. Some of the knots are Chinese knot, box knot, triangle knot, and butterfly knot.

Actually, anyone may try making lanyards using scrap pieces of ropes, cords, or yarns, as these were the materials used in making the first lanyard.

Corporate Functions

Nowadays, lanyards are greatly used by companies mainly for advertising purposes. The companies usually give them away during marketing campaigns. Their names and products are printed on the lanyards. Sometimes, they also include their contact information.

Commonly, they opt for flat polyester lanyards or nylon lanyards as these are inexpensive yet durable.

Lanyards are also used by the employees of these companies to hold their identification badges or access passes.

As Souvenirs

During events such as trade fairs, conventions, and concerts, the promoters usually sell or give away all sorts of merchandise, with lanyards being the most common those. You may cherish an unforgettable moment whenever you wear your souvenir lanyard.

These lanyards are typically made of braided fabric. They have a clip attachment that holds name badges. Usually, the lanyards also consist of a plastic pouch containing business cards, pens, or key chains.

Electronic Devices Holders

This is among the most common uses of lanyards. You may use the cords to hold and secure your electronic devices such as digital cameras, cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, and USB flash drives.

Some of these devices have a through-hole built on the corner side of their cases where you can attach the loop thread of the lanyards.

Additionally, some earphones incorporate the sound signals into the lanyards. The lanyards double also act as headphone cords. Wii Remote wrist straps can be considered lanyards since they keep the device secured and attached to the wearer’s arm.

Identification Badge Holder

Finally, lanyards are used to carry identification badges for students, employees, personnel, and members of certain organizations. Lanyards, compared to identification card clips, are more secure and convenient. They are also beneficial to security guards as it is easier for them to locate IDs attached to lanyards.

Simply put, it should now be obvious that lanyards are widely used in schools, hospitals, police stations, prisons, factories, offices, and commercial enterprises.

The Lanyard Factory, we produce only the highest quality, professional-looking customized lanyards for companies, trade shows and organizations around the world.

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Lanyards are greatly used by companies mainly for advertising purposes. Their names and products are printed on the lanyards.flat polyester lanyards or nylon lanyards as these are inexpensive

Guidelines In Buying Neck Lanyards For Companies And Organizations

Neck lanyards are not created equal. Aside from the material, imprinting method, and hardware used, there are also other factors that need to be considered before placing your order.

Here is a quick guide to help you with the process.
Quantity of the Order

Just like any merchandise, lanyards cost lower if ordered in bulk. This is why you need to determine the quantity (be accurate as possible) before finding a supplier. Most suppliers can’t give you a quote if you don’t give them a quantity. It is recommended to order more than the current headcount in case the organization gains a new member or there will be cases of lost, missing, or broken lanyards. As much as possible you want to avoid placing very small order in the future to cater the mentioned scenarios because it will cost a lot more.


Neck LanyardsDetermine how much the organization is willing to spend on neck lanyards. If you have a very low budget that all you can get are hot-stamped lanyards, which are only appropriate for short-term use, but the organization is looking to use these lanyards five times a week, propose a higher budget to the management accordingly. Highlight the pros and cons of the different types of lanyards. Initially, it might seem that you are spending more, but you can actually save a lot in the long run if you consider quality as your top priority. Just as long as they are within the average price range, do not try to haggle with suppliers as this can affect the quality of the finished products.


You probably already have an organization logo or design that you want to use for your lanyards. However, if you still don’t have any, ask prospective suppliers if they can provide free graphic design services for you. Most of the times, especially if you are ordering in bulk, they offer this service for free.

Do not try to save on costs by designing the text or logo yourself, especially if you lack the skill and the experience. Remember neck lanyards play a role in promoting the organization and establishing its identity, so you must be sure that your design is professionally made. Also, make sure the design and color combination is approved by management before proceeding to the next step.


To have a good idea of the quality of lanyards the supplier is capable of producing, ask for samples. In fact, most suppliers, with the exemption of online retailers as they only provide pictures, give you a sample of their products. Be cautious when you are looking to get services from an online supplier. Be sure they are not bogus by reading reviews and see if they have a number you can call. Never ever get the service of a supplier that only transacts through non-voice methods.


There are tons of options to choose from when selecting neck lanyards. This can be overwhelming if decided only by one person as not everyone, or at least the majority, would be happy with his choice. To address this issue, create a survey among organization members. Most of them have worked in other companies or are members of different organizations that may have used different types of lanyards, so they can definitely help you decide which is the best option.

The survey should include, but is not limited to, the length of the lanyards and the hardware used (e.g. split rings, quick-release, bulldog clips, J-hooks, size adjuster). Some may not be familiar of these things so briefly highlight their pros and cons. Other may know what they are but don’t know how they are called, so it’s also better to provide pictures on the survey.

Although you can also include which fabric should your neck lanyards be made of, this factor is highly dependent on your budget and printing method.