Essential Tips for Pawn Shop Customers

When you visit a part shop as a customer, you want to make sure you know what you’re getting and you’re getting what you want. There are many pawn shops that are willing to help their customers. Today, we are here to give you our own essential tips for pawn shop customers …

Get Additional Quotes


Don’t just stop at one pawn shop. If you’re looking to pawn or sell one of your items, take it over to another pawn shop in your area and see the price they give you. Also, if you’re looking to buy something, go over to another pawn shop and see what they have the item priced at. For example, one pawn shop may have an Xbox One for $189, while another pawn shop may have it for $139. If you go to, you can contact them and get a quote on your item.

Know the Value

By knowing the value of the item you plan on buying, or even selling, will let you know if you’re getting a good deal. Go ahead and do some online shopping and look for similar items. By knowing the products worse, you will know whether or not you should go for the offer.

Make Sure the Pieces are There

If you’re pawning or selling to the pawn shop, then you need to make sure you have all of the pieces together. For example, if you’re selling an electronic gadget, like a television, make sure the remote comes with it. Without them, you may not get the maximum value.

Make Sure the Product is in Good Working Condition

Just as it is important to make sure all of the pieces are there for the product, you also need to make sure it is in good working condition. In order for the pawn shop to even want to purchase the item, it has to work, and you have to show them that it works. For this reason, if it is battery operated, make sure you bring in a fully charged set of batteries.

Make Sure You have a Government Issued ID

Pawn shop owners need to protect themselves, so they will be asking their customers for their government issues ID. This way, they can make sure the products in their store are legit and haven’t been stolen.

Know Your Market

Before you walk into a pawn shop and try to sell an item, you should know your market. For example, it’s easier to sell a heater unit during the winter months than it would be to sell it during the hot summer months. As a good rule of the thumb, selling something that is in season will help you get a better deal than it would if you were to sell it when it was out of season.


When you go into a pawn shop, you don’t want to waste your time. Therefore, we recommend calling them in advance to make sure they are willing to accept your item before bringing it in.