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Finding something to commemorate or reward somebody for a job well done could be a headache. There are many items, some even very expensive, but there’s no guarantee that the recipient will just be as happy to receive it.

You can now stop worrying. www.ChallengeCoins4Less.com could just be the answer to all your worries. Our company manufactures challenge coins that are custom made to meet your specific requirements. You have a choice of having your own company logo made part of the coins’ design or you may have our artists make a design for you for free. These coins will be forever treasured by your recipients for it will always remind them of the important role they played in your organization to merit these one of a kind coins.

History of Challenge Coins

It is not really very clear when exactly challenge coins came into being. One of the earlier recorded stories on the origin of these challenge coins date back as far as Ancient Rome. It was said that a soldier who did well in battle on a particular day got a coin on top of his regular pay. Legend has it that the coin is specially made with a mark of the military unit where it came from. Because it is seldom given, soldiers who received these coins keep these as prized mementos instead of spending them for items.

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In the ensuing years, use of these coins in the military as a reward for a job well done still continued. Because of the prevalent use of the coins in the military, at some point in time, it was called military coins.

During World War 1, a wealthy officer had an expensive coin made with his flying squadron’s insignia which he gave to his men. In one of its operations, one of his flying aces was shot down and captured by the Germans. They got all his possessions except for the coin kept in a pouch hanging around his neck. The pilot eventually was able to escape to France. Since the pilot did not have anything to identify him with and the French fearing that he was a spy, prepared for his execution. However, when the young pilot showed them the coin, he was immediately identified so he was sent back to his unit.

challenge coinsAfter World War II, American soldiers stationed in Germany took to the tradition of Germans of doing pfennig checks. A pfennig is the lowest coin denomination in Germany. If a check was done and the challenged did not have a pfennig, then he is to pay for the round of beer for those who show the coin. Different variations of this challenge became popular with the military, and later the pfennig coin was changed with the military coin. Thus, from being called military coin, the more popular name used was challenge coin.

Now, the coins’ use has evolved and its popularity has expanded its use outside of the military service. Although many still use the coins as tokens of appreciation for good performance, the coins have now been exchanged like business cards and have been collected like autographs. The traditional use as identification for membership in specific military units is still practiced. Still others use these coins as marketing tools and even as fund raising items.

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